Unequalled quality
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Superstatic heat meters from Sontex:
flexible and reliable.

Superstatic is top of its class

Superstatic heat and cooling meters are available for many flow rates. They are used in building technology and automation and in heating networks.

Superstatic meters have been used countless times for heat metering and are unrivalled in cooling applications. They work with flow-rate and temperature sensors that inform the relevant integrator of volume and temperature differences. They can be fitted horizontally or vertically and used in hot or cold pipe configurations.

A wide range of communication modules is available.

Superstatic meters are suitable with over 75 different cooling liquids, which can be extended upon request. Uneven blends have no effect on measurement precision.

Piezoelectric sensor

grafik piezoelektrischer sensor

Superstatic heat meters work by fluidic oscillation: the specific geometry within the meter creates a stable oscillation with a frequency directly proportional to the flow rate. The piezoelectric sensor measures this frequency based on the differences in pressure, thus calculating the quantity of water.

Developed over 50 years ago by NASA, this principle was improved to market maturity by Sontex and is used today in many hundreds of thousands of heat meters worldwide. One of its advantages is that it can also be used for large pipe diameters. Superstatic meters comply with the requirements of the standard EN1434 class 2.

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Since Superstatic heating meters have no moving parts, their measurement components are not susceptible to ageing. They work ultra precisely and during years.
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Superstatic meters meet the requirements of European guideline MID-2014/32/EU and offer unequalled precision. They are also certified by PTB Germany for cooling applications.
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Since the devices are impervious to contamination and magnetite deposits, they are suitable for challenging applications. Small air bubbles also have no effect on measurement precision.
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Product range
Sontex offers two Superstatic product ranges: the 440 range for the highend sector, and the 749 and 789 range of compact heat meters. These can be used in a wide spectrum of installations.
Each range has an identical integrator, which reduces technical training to an absolute minimum.
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Energy management
Contrary to ultrasound meters, a Superstatic meter measures the flow constantly. To extend battery life, data are only refreshed as needed.
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Long lifespan
With their static measurement process involving no moving parts, Superstatic heat meters are practically free of wear, are maintenance-free and enjoy a long lifespan.

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