Heat cost allocators

The new Sontex electronic heat cost allocators provide maximum flexibility in parameter setting, significant simplification when installing and commissioning and improved tracking of consumption levels. The range of products has been extended with a heat cost allocator that communicates via an OMS wireless M-Bus. Sontex heat cost allocators offer precision with maximum measuring comfort and guarantee high reliability in assigning the energy used. Consumption levels can be read out in various ways.

Sontex 565

Electronic heat cost allocator

Electronic heat cost allocator

The Sontex 565 stands for precision while guaranteeing high measuring convenience and measurement resolution of consumption levels. By means of intelligent data collection, the heat cost allocator distinguishes unequivocally between summer and winter months, manipulations and other situations. Consumption data can be collected manually via the operating button or the optical interface. The product features an attractive price-performance ratio.

Sontex 868

Electronic wM-Bus radio heat cost allocator

Electronic wM-Bus and OMS radio heat cost allocator

The new Sontex 868 heat cost allocator with mono-directional and standardised wM-Bus radio allows simple and flexible consumption recording. Meter reading can be carried out both remotely from a data recording centre or on site. More flexible read-out times are a further innovation. In addition, the Sontex 868 features simple, fast installation and commissioning.

Sontex 556

Replaced by Sontex 566 Available on request

Sontex 556

Electronic radio heat cost allocator

The Sontex 556 is the Sontex 566’s predecessor. Its popularity is due to the bidirectional radio system; it transmits the required consumption data only when actually requested to do so and thus avoids creating unnecessary electro smog.

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