Relevant data, anytime

With Sontex radio modules
always up to date.

The perfect complement

Sontex is countinuously enhancing its product range and supports innovative networking of home automation devices.

Radio modules complete Sontex’ product portfolio. They ideally complement, for example, our wireless-enabled heat cost allocators and can obviously be read using the same devices.

Radio modules can easily be retrofitted to existing installations, as to water meters or smoke detectors. Immediately all relevant data can be read out remotely.

Thus, we provide transparency and reliability in home and building automation and in system technology. Monitoring and coordinating these systems are the basis of modern building automation. Sontex increases your convenience. The great flexibility and broad product range make Sontex the preferred partner of building managers and providers.

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Upgrade – at any time

Sontex battery-powered radio modules record, store and transmit consumption rates from water meters or the states of selected detectors. They can be upgraded at any time without affecting the existing calibration.

In addition to accumulated volumes and the volume on the reporting date, water-meter radio modules also store 15 months of values, battery operating hours and housing openings.

More recent models are password-protected and offer AES-128 data encryption.

Sontex’ bidirectional radio system allows the parameterisation of the device as well as the reading of consumption values with a mobile reader, or directly from the accounting centre through a data concentrator in the building.

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