Energy suppliers

As a provider of metering solutions for heating and cooling applications, Sontex ensures that energy suppliers can benefit from precise measurements and reliable data.

Supercal 5 I

The integrator of the newest generation

supercal5 featured

The multifunctional integrator Supercal 5 has state-of-the-art technology. Configuration via NFC interface, several tariffs, modular concept with two card slots, data transfer via Sontex radio as well as wM-Bus and later LoRaWAN are only a selection of features that make the Supercal 5 suitable for a wide range of applications.

The Supercal 5 is equipped with a battery as standard, different power supply modules are available on demand.


Supercal 5S

Fluidic oscillation thermal energy meter for many flow rates

supercal 5s

Supercal 5S

Based on the static measurement principle, the Supercal 5S provides solutions for low to very high flow rates (qp 1.5 – 1500 m3/h). One important element is the multifunctional calculator that can be equipped with various communication interfaces. The removable measuring head allows efficient re-calibration.

Dismantling and assembly costs are significantly reduced because only the measuring head needs to be changed. Complex interventions in the pipe system are unnecessary. The Supercal 5S measuring head is the same for any flow meter, thus simplifying planning. The use of high-quality corrosion resistant materials ensures the measurements stability and working reliability during several calibration periods.
Sontex provides many installation lengths according to EN1434, various materials such as ductile cast iron and can thus be used in a great variety of uses.

The Supercal 5S is completed with a multifunctional calculator. This can be battery- or mains-powered and offers the entire range of Sontex communication modules. This guarantees an extremely wide range of uses and simple integration in every district and proximity heating network or building management system.


Superstatic 789

The new light compact heat meter

superstatic 789

Superstatic 789

Made of fibre composite, the new Sontex Superstatic 789 compact heat meter is sturdy and light. It is known for its precision and reliability thanks to the static measurement principle.

The new Sontex Superstatic 789 compact heat meter of fibre composite for heating/cooling applications is the logical evolution of the use of the principle of fluidic oscillation which, thanks to its accuracy and reliability of measurement, is a reference in the measuring of thermal energy.

All the benefits and features of fluidic oscillation were adapted and integrated into a compact shape for a flow of qp 1.5 – 2.5 m³/h. While its total weight has been reduced by half, it retains its shape despite temperature differences and devices have been introduced to guarantee mechanical resistance.

Based on the latest piezo technology, the new flow sensor, which is also suitable for glycol mixtures, is equipped with a detachable multifunction integrator with a wide range of communication options. This covers many applications and ensures its trouble-free integration into a district heating network or a building management system.


Superstatic 749

Precision of the static principle for applications with reduced space

superstatic 749

Superstatic 749

The sturdy compact heat meter with the fluidic oscillation principle.

The Superstatic 749 fluidic oscillation meter is the compact version of the Superstatic 440 that has been used for many years and is very popular. The Superstatic 749 is even more compact and seamlessly fits in the Superstatic product portfolio. It is designed for less complex uses of static heat and cooling meters where fewer functions are needed than with the Superstatic 440. It has a removable compact calculator with communication modules and can be easily integrated into district heating or a building management system.

The Superstatic 749 is available for flow rates of qp 0.6; qp 1.5; qp 2.5 m³/h and in lengths of 110 mm, 130 mm and 190 mm.