Sontex SA

We provide innovative measurement systems for the optimal use of resources – efficient and professional support for our partners.

Home Automation

In the field of “Energy and water costs”, Sontex provides realtors and owners with many ways of calculating detailed tenant consumption data precisely and fairly.


Building Automation

Modern building automation helps to optimise energy consumption and operating expenses. Sontex products thus increase your convenience.


District Heating

As a provider of measurement technology for heating and cooling applications, Sontex ensures that energy suppliers can benefit from accurate measurements and reliable data.


System Technology

Sontex offers a wide range of wired and wireless communication solutions. These are supported by user-friendly operating programmes.


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My Sontex

«My Sontex» is an online portal that gives access to specific tools and software for Sontex products. Please ask your local Sontex distributor for your Login data.


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