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Aqua Association

Sontex SA is proud to announce that its Chief Executive Officer, Olivier Carnal, has been elected president of the Aqua Association. He was elected unanimously by the Aqua members in June 2020 for a legislative period of 2 years.

Aqua ( is a recognized body of the European Commission and part of the Orgalim network. Aqua represents its members towards national institutions and authorities.

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Management communication

Dear partner, the worst phase of the pandemic in Europe is now thankfully behind us. We will all do our best to ensure there are no further waves of infection. Thanks to the huge commitment of our staff and the best efforts of our suppliers, we were able to continue production without interruption and to guarantee a more or less regular process across the logistics chain. Despite this, we were sadly unable to avoid additional delays over the last few weeks and wish to apologise for this. We are committed to ensuring that, from now on, you will experience the normal Sontex again.

To date, we have had no diagnosed corona virus cases within the company and are happy that the safety and health measures taken contributed to this. The measures continue to be implemented in the factory until further notice. At the beginning of June, all staff who were still working partly from home will return to the factory for the most part and will be able to work as a team on new products and services.

We would like to thank all our partners for their patience and their great support during these difficult and challenging times. We look forward to meeting you in person again soon. And soon we will hopefully be able to enjoy a good meal together again.

Stay healthy! See you soon!

Sontex SA

Olivier Carnal. CEO                                     Patrick Grichting, CMO

COVID-19 Pandemic communication

The Corona virus pandemic is affecting us across all areas of life, starting with our own health – in family life, at work and not least in our leisure time. This requires patience, mutual understanding and time.

According to information from the Swiss government, we too have taken important precautions with regard to the Corona virus (SARS-CoV-2), primarily to protect the health of our employees, customers, suppliers and partners.

Due to the current situation throughout Europe and the situation which is changing hourly, it is difficult at the moment to predict what changes will occur in the coming days for us and our customers. We are committed to maintaining our operations and delivering on our promises to customers. However, these events are not without consequences. Our suppliers are currently experiencing the same situation as we are and are having difficulty meeting our needs. Many of our employees are in the process of organising their personal and family situations while others belong to risk groups and are temporarily unable to work at the company. It is therefore inevitable that longer delivery times will occur.

We stay in close contact with our customers and partners in order to focus the remaining resources on the essentials and to satisfy all your requirements as much as possible. We would like to take this opportunity to thank you very much for your constructive cooperation.

Although we are forced to slightly reduce our production volume, we will do our utmost to continue to provide you with the best possible service.

Sontex SA

Olivier Carnal. CEO                                     Patrick Grichting, CMO

Fair ISH 2019, Frankfurt a.M.

Dear partners and visitors

ISH 2019 has just closed its doors and once again this year demonstrated its importance as a world trade fair for the specialised sector.

The new generation of our integrator Supercal 5, the LoRaWAN technology and our Web-based exchange platform have generated a lot of positive feedback that we are delighted with and which will help us in the future to do everything possible to offer devices and services that meet your needs.

We would like to thank you for your visits and the quality of the exchanges at our new exhibition stand. Your presence and interests have once again demonstrated your confidence in our products and services.

Your Sontex ISH-Team

ISH in Frankfurt more than two months, though we would like to sincerely thank you for your visit at our booth and the confidence placed in our products. Our radio modules and all our products with a radio option have attracted a very wide interest. This positive feedback will accompany us in the coming months and we are already now pleased to great you again on our ISH 2019 booth.

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Supercom 323 and 327 radio modules – Sontex SA’s contribution to a peaceful sleep

According to statistics most fires start during the night and asphyxiation by smoke is one of the main causes of death.

The radio modules Supercom 323 and 327, developed in partnership with Ei Electronics and approved by the KRIWAN Test Centre, allow remote inspection of the EI650FA smoke detector. A periodic remote reading of the smoke detector enables to check, in real time, the functioning of the sounder and the battery. In the event of a malfunction it is possible to react quickly and thus ensure the safety and well-being of the tenants.

For more information about the radio modules Supercom 323 and 327 please see Communication Modules.

New range of reading systems

For many years Sontex SA has dedicated its know-how to innovative communication systems. The well-known and in many applications established Sontex 433 MHz radio system is now complemented by the wM-Bus and OMS 868 MHz radio system. Sontex SA offers a range of devices – heat meter, heat cost allocators and additional radio module – that work with the unidirectional wM-Bus system. If requested, an AES128 encryption key to protect your data can be inserted into the devices from both radio systems at the factory. With the Supercom 637 and Supercom 647 reading systems as well as dedicated software it is now possible to make a simple, fast and efficient reading at any time.

OMS Heat cost allocator and radio module

The heat cost allocator Sontex 868 as well as the radio module Supercom 587 have been certified OMS, generation 4, Mode 5, which guarantees a smooth integration of our products into existing OMS systems, as well as that all Sontex products supporting wM-Bus are also perfectly suited for applications working according to OMS specifications.

Press Release | Sontex Italia S.r.l.

Sonceboz, November 2017

Sontex SA, worldwide supplier of high quality devices and systems for the measurement of heat, is proud to announce the expansion of its commercial activities in Italy.
With the incorporation of Sontex Italia S.r.l., headquartered in Reggio Emilia, Sontex gains direct market access to Italy.

Up to now, Sontex has operated its activities in Italy through its distribution partner Enercom. Sontex Italia has now taken over the full activities of Enercom.

With this direct presence, Sontex reinforces its access to one of the largest European markets. Sontex’ current products and services range from heat cost allocators, thermal energy meters, water meters to radio communication technology. The already strong partnership with providers of thermostatic valves will be continued to offer product bundles of heat cost allocator and control valve. New developments in wireless communication technology (‘Internet of Things’) and Apps for smart phones will provide superior customer experience.

Contact: Olivier Carnal, CEO, Sontex SA

RED (Radio Equipment Directive)

On the 13th of June 2017 the RED (Radio Equipment Directive) 2014/53/EU will definitely replace the past R&TTE 1999/5/EC. In addition to a stronger harmonisation, it is the target of this directive to assure that radio communication is done in an effective and efficient manner while avoiding unnecessary disturbances. Our products have been tested and the documentation has been adapted accordingly in order to comply with the new directive.

The new heat pump meter Superstatic 470 SPF

Do you want to know if your heat pump is working efficiently and possibly take advantage of government incentive programmes? A special version of the heat meter Superstatic is now available to measure the efficiency and performance of heat pumps: the Superstatic 470 SPF heat pump meter.

Radio Module Supercom 587

Sontex introduces its new radio modules Supercom 587 at ISH 2017 in Frankfurt. It allows the readout of consumption data of various Wherle Modularis water meters via Wireless M-Bus according to OMS. As for all other radio modules it can be retrofitted at a later stage without impairing the calibration.

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