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The EcooSol cooperative, based in Sonceboz-Sombeval, was officially founded on 29 June 2021 to promote the installation of photovoltaics and electric mobility in the Bernese Jura and its surroundings. Its aim to provide technical support and assistance with financing or operation to an entrepreneur, a municipality or an association wishing to equip itself with solar installations and participate in the energy transition.

Sontex SA has been strongly involved in the creation of this cooperative and will carry out a pilot project. The objective is to install 600 m2 of solar panels on the company’s roof, which will provide an annual electricity production of 140 MWh. The installation will then cover a quarter of the factory’s electricity needs with a self-consumption rate of more than 85%. Construction will start in autumn 2021 and the plant is scheduled to be commissioned in spring 2022.

Sontex SA is very grateful for the creation of EcooSol and the involvement of the municipality of Sonceboz-Sombeval, other companies and the population of the region.  The solar panel project on its roof will help increase the production of “green” energy in the region with competitive prices per kilowatt hour and we look forward to the start of this project in the coming months.

eccosol comite 1
The founding committee of the EcooSol cooperative
Olivier Carnal, Jean-Luc Juvet, Bibiana Merazzi, François Roquier, Pierre Amstutz, John Gerber