Clever, flexible, easy to use

Sontex meets all your requirements with
the family of heat cost allocators.

A complete range

Sontex now offers a complete range of products with its generation of heat cost allocators: the 565 as the basic model with an optical interface, the 566 with Sontex’s own bidirectional radio link, the 868 with a standardised unidirectional radio link and the 878 for the Long Range Wide Area Network (LoRaWAN).

The Sontex heat cost allocators offer maximum flexibility in parameter setting, notably simpler installation and commissioning, as well as improved follow-up of consumption rates. All four offer Swiss precision, maximum ease of use, highly reliable transmission and guaranteed fair invoicing for the consumer.

Some advantages

The models feature automatic commissioning when rail-mounted and can be easily equipped on site with a remote sensor.

Password-protected parametrisation and AES-128 encryption of the consumption data at readout provide increased safety against unauthorised manipulation, too.

Up to 15 values can be displayed on the LCD, and up to 144 monthly values stored over the years contribute to maximum ease of use and readout. The devices can be read off at any time.

To meet every need

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Simple installation
Thanks to preinstalled seal, the devices are simple and fast to install. Commissioning is automatic. Registration is also extremely easy via a barcode on a removable sticker.
Impressively secure
Prog6 software allows up to 45 different parameters to be set via a standardised optical interface. Only authorised persons can change these parameters. The software itself is also equipped with a password function.
The devices feature high reliability when transmitting the energy consumed. They have undergone a 10-year-equivalent load test – the typical lifespan of the 3V lithium battery and thus the device’s scheduled operating period.
The devices store up to 144 monthly and 18 semi-monthly values. 18 monthly values of the highest radiator temperature are stored. This guarantees high traceability, for example when tenants change.
Transmission of consumption rates and stored parameters is also possible on site via the optical interface. Sontex 566 and 868: the meter can be read off both remotely by a data collection centre or mobile close to the meter’s location.

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