Overview of our products

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Here you will find an overview of our product categories:

Thermal Energy Meters

Superstatic and Supercal thermal energy meters are available for many flow rates. They are used in building technology and automation and in heating networks.

Heat cost allocators

Sontex now offers a complete range of products with its generation of heat cost allocators: the 565 as the basic model with an optical interface, the 566 with Sontex’s own bidirectional radio link, the 868 with a standardised unidirectional radio link and the 878 for the Long Range Wide Area Network (LoRaWAN).  

Electronic Water Meter

With our quick and easy to install water meters, you are sure to make the right choice.

Radio modules

Sontex is continuously enhancing its product range and supports innovative networking of home automation devices.


The Sontex radio system Supercom is a complete solution for customer friendly and precise reading of consumption values and other data from wireless devices: offering an optimal cost-benefit ratio for installations of any size, total flexibility and data security.