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Intelligent data communication with
system technology from Sontex.

The perfect view

The Superlink solution consisting of the gateway Superlink C and the Sonexa platform offers you a complete solution for remote reading of consumption data.

Superlink C is a gateway that enables flexible readouts in conjunction with the Sonexa Platform, ensuring EED compliance. Consumption data from OMS (868 MHz unidirectional) Sontex (433 MHz bidirectional) radio devices are read by the Superlink C Gateway and immediately and securely forwarded to Sonexa or to the customer platform.

There, the data are ready for processing. Depending on the power supply of the gateway, the consumption data can be received at any time and used for an exact consumption calculation or statistical evaluation.

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Something you can rely upon

The Sontex radio system Supercom is a complete solution for customer friendly and precise reading of consumption values and other data from wireless devices: offering an optimal cost-benefit ratio for installations of any size, total flexibility and data security.

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Easy to use
The system technology devices are quickly set up. The use of standard protocols allows for an easy integration in a variety of accounting software and other data collections systems.
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The radio system operates in its standard version at a frequency of 433 MHz and a proprietary radio protocol from Sontex. The devices transmit only when requested to do so and can be parametrized via radio.
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Thanks to the Sontex radio solutions all devices are reachable 365 days a year and, thus, can be
read and configured at any time.
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Start with a cost effective walk-by solution and expand as you wish afterwards. The enhanced system takes over historical data easily.
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Consumption data are securely and promptly available while respecting the right to privacy. Likewise, transmission of additional information as manipulations or statistical data.
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Wired or wireless, SONTEX Radio, OMS or LoRa, GSM/GPRS, 3G or 4G, Ethernet, Bluetooth or WiFi, or any other new protocol in definition phase? With Supercom the most different configurations are possible.

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