Superlink C

Gateway for readout of Sontex Radio or/and wM-Bus devices

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Gateway Superlink C

Superlink C is a gateway that, in conjunction with the secure Sonexa platform, enables automatic and flexible consumption data readouts from devices with Sontex Radio and/or wM-Bus to ensure EED compliance and interoperability in accordance with the HKVO.


Superaqua 1

Water consumption under control

superaqua sq1

Superaqua 1

With our new electronic cold and hot water meters of the Superaqua series, we offer efficient and reliable meters for measuring water consumption.

With Sontex, LoRaWAN or wM-Bus transmission, you can read the water consumption remotely at any time.

With the Superlink solution, Sontex offers you site-independent access to your measurement data. The data can be processed further without any problems.

Software Tools Supercom

The SW tool for an efficient walk-by radio readout

software tools supercom

Tools Supercom

The Tools Supercom software is intuitive and user-friendly and allows remote reading of data from SONTEX, wM-Bus, and OMS radio devices using the radio modems Supercom 636 or Supercom 637 and a Bluetooth interface. The Tools Supercom software runs on computer, tablet or smartphone using Windows or Android.
It allows creation and editing of reading roads as well as modification of certain Sontex radio device parameters to facilitate installation and maintenance. Different file formats allow simple integration of read data directly into billing software.

Sontex 565

Electronic heat cost allocator

sontex 565

Electronic heat cost allocator

The Sontex 565 stands for precision while guaranteeing high measuring convenience and measurement resolution of consumption levels. By means of intelligent data collection, the heat cost allocator distinguishes unequivocally between summer and winter months, manipulations and other situations. Consumption data can be collected manually via the operating button or the optical interface. The product features an attractive price-performance ratio.

Sontex 566

Electronic radio heat cost allocator

sontex 566

Electronic radio heat cost allocator

The Sontex 556 is the Sontex 566’s predecessor. Its popularity is due to the bidirectional radio system; it transmits the required consumption data only when actually requested to do so and thus avoids creating unnecessary electro smog.

Sontex 868

Electronic wM-Bus radio heat cost allocator

sontex 868

Electronic wM-Bus and OMS radio heat cost allocator

The new Sontex 868 heat cost allocator with mono-directional and standardised wM-Bus radio allows simple and flexible consumption recording. Meter reading can be carried out both remotely from a data recording centre or on site. More flexible read-out times are a further innovation. In addition, the Sontex 868 features simple, fast installation and commissioning.

Sontex 878

Electronic Radio LoRaWAN® heat cost allocator

sontex 878

Electronic Radio LoRaWAN® heat cost allocator

Thanks to LoRaWAN technology, the heat cost allocator has a long range in buildings and basements. End-to-end encryption and flexible transmission times make communication to the device secure and guarantee a long service life. Depending on the reachability of the device, it automatically switches between a long telegram (SP 7-9) and a short telegram (SP 10-12).


Check smoke alarm status remotely

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Ei6500-SA2-R / SA2-O

The Ei6500-SA2-R / SA2-O is an optical and autonomous smoke detector in accordance with DIN14676-1 Method C. Specially developed for use in large residential properties, the Ei6500-SA2-R / SA2-O smoke detector can be easily maintained remotely. Inspection is carried out according to procedure C – this means that all criteria are automatically checked by the detector and read out remotely by radio.

Supercom 323

For remote control of your smoke alarm

supercom 323

Radio Module Supercom 323

The battery-powered radio module Supercom 323 allows the Ei650FA smoke detector to be inspected remotely (according to DIN 14676). A visual inspection, which is associated with time and cost expend, can be saved.
At each radio readout, the sound generator and battery are checked and all detector data updated. Thanks to Sontex unique bidirectional radio system, the remote inspection is only carried out during readout without entering the apartment. Unlike other radio technologies, the Sontex radio system does not cause unnecessary radio pollution.

Supercom 327

Makes the state of your smoke alarm always available

supercom 327

Radio Module Supercom 327

The battery-powered radio module Supercom 327 allows the Ei650FA smoke detector to be inspected remotely (according to DIN 14676).
All detector data are transmitted every two minutes and can be read out by radio. Thanks to the unidirectional radio system wM-Bus and OMS, remote inspection is carried out without entering the apartment.

Supercom 636

Walk-by communication interface for all SONTEX bidirectional radio devices

supercom 636

Radio modem Supercom 636

The Supercom 636 radio modem is a handheld bidirectional data readout system. Supercom 636 is suitable for connection to a Pocket PC (PDA or tablet) with Bluetooth interface. The Sontex 916 and Tools Supercom readout and parameter setting software also contain customer-friendly route planning.

The radio modem consists of a SMD circuit equipped with a 433 MHz radio module and an external antenna. The use of standard protocols allows easy integration into various billing programmes. The sturdy industrial housing protects the electronics against possible damage.


Supercom 580

For older Elster water meters

supercom 580

Supercom 580 radio module

The retrofittable, battery-powered remote radio module Supercom 580 is available for Elster capsule water meters MO-A and MOZ-A and for the Pico Flux water meter EV-A. Bidirectional Sontex remote radio technology permits consumption data to be retrieved with a mobile read-out device, a concentrator located in the building or directly from the accounting centre. You will find more information on the subject in our system technology section.
Sampling is carried out by Reed contact.

Supercom 581

Radio module for Modularis water meters

supercom 581

Supercom 581 radio module

The Supercom 581 radio module for Wehrle Modularis water meters can be retrofitted at any time without affecting calibration. Sampling is carried out by coils. Bidirectional Sontex remote radio technology enables readout of consumption data with a handheld read-out device, by way of a concentrator located in the building or directly from the accounting centre.

Supercom 587

Radio module for Modularis water meters, with the innovative Sontex wM-Bus and OMS radio system

supercom 587

Radio module Supercom 587

The Supercom 587 is the first radio module for water meters of Sontex that supports fully wM-Bus according to OMS. It is meant to be put on Modularis water meters e.g. from Wehrle or Wasser-Geräte, and can be retrofitted at any time without affecting the calibration. Any OMS capable readout tool can be used to read out the Supercom 587.

Supercom 583

Radio module for Allmess water meters

supercom 583

Supercom 583 radio module

The battery-operated Supercom 583 radio module for Itron/Allmess V +m and MK +m water meters can be retrofitted at any time. Bidirectional Sontex remote radio technology enables consumption data to be read with a handheld readout device, by way of a concentrator located in the building or directly from the accounting centre.
Sampling is carried out by photoelectric reflex switches.

Supercom P

Combined Pulse and M-Bus to LoRaWAN® Converter

supercom p

Pulse-Radio Converter Supercom P

The Supercom P Pulse-Radio Converter is a combined converter for remote reading of all types of consumer devices with digital pulse output. It also has a wired M-Bus Master to which up to two slaves can be connected.

Supercom 541

Radio - Pulse Adapter for up to two different measuring instruments

supercom 541

Supercom 541 radio pulse adapter

The Supercom 541 battery-operated radio pulse adapter stores consumption levels for one or two metering devices on the basis of impulses and transmits the data via bidirectional radio to a concentrator or mobile read-out device. This sturdy equipment is suitable for remote read-out of all types of metering devices (water, gas, electrical power) with a pulse output. Depending on the model, the radio pulse adapter is freely programmable, e.g. programmed with reverse flow and/or manipulation detection.

Supercal 739

Performance and precision for thermal energy metering

supercal 739

Compact heat meter Supercal 739

Supercal 739 compact heat meter, as single jet flow sensor and as coaxial multi-jet flow sensor with various connections.

The Supercal 739 compact heat meter follows on from the successful Supercal 539 compact heat meter. Sontex has not only comprehensively enhanced the new Supercal 739, but also integrated an array of new functions and added new versions. Its excellent price-performance ratio has been improved once again.

The Supercal 739 is a compact heat meter to measure heating and cooling energy in a wide field of applications in home automation and can be easily integrated into a variety of configurations thanks to Sontex system technology.

The Supercal 739 is available with single jet flow sensor and coaxial multi-jet flow sensor for Ista(G2B) or Allmess(M77x1.5) connections for flows qp 0.6; qp 1.5 and qp 2.5 m³/h.

The Supercal 739 compact heat meter meets the requirements of the European Directive MID 2014/32/EU and the standard EN 1434 class 3.

It has also been type approved by PTB Germany for cooling applications and can be ordered for heating or cooling applications with the according approval.

Supercal 5S

Fluidic oscillation thermal energy meter for many flow rates

supercal 5s

Supercal 5S

Based on the static measurement principle, the Supercal 5S provides solutions for low to very high flow rates (qp 1.5 – 1500 m3/h). One important element is the multifunctional calculator that can be equipped with various communication interfaces. The removable measuring head allows efficient re-calibration.

Dismantling and assembly costs are significantly reduced because only the measuring head needs to be changed. Complex interventions in the pipe system are unnecessary. The Supercal 5S measuring head is the same for any flow meter, thus simplifying planning. The use of high-quality corrosion resistant materials ensures the measurements stability and working reliability during several calibration periods.
Sontex provides many installation lengths according to EN1434, various materials such as ductile cast iron and can thus be used in a great variety of uses.

The Supercal 5S is completed with a multifunctional calculator. This can be battery- or mains-powered and offers the entire range of Sontex communication modules. This guarantees an extremely wide range of uses and simple integration in every district and proximity heating network or building management system.


Superstatic 789

The new light compact heat meter

superstatic 789

Superstatic 789

Made of fibre composite, the new Sontex Superstatic 789 compact heat meter is sturdy and light. It is known for its precision and reliability thanks to the static measurement principle.

The new Sontex Superstatic 789 compact heat meter of fibre composite for heating/cooling applications is the logical evolution of the use of the principle of fluidic oscillation which, thanks to its accuracy and reliability of measurement, is a reference in the measuring of thermal energy.

All the benefits and features of fluidic oscillation were adapted and integrated into a compact shape for a flow of qp 1.5 – 2.5 m³/h. While its total weight has been reduced by half, it retains its shape despite temperature differences and devices have been introduced to guarantee mechanical resistance.

Based on the latest piezo technology, the new flow sensor, which is also suitable for glycol mixtures, is equipped with a detachable multifunction integrator with a wide range of communication options. This covers many applications and ensures its trouble-free integration into a district heating network or a building management system.


Superstatic 749

Precision of the static principle for applications with reduced space

superstatic 749

Superstatic 749

The sturdy compact heat meter with the fluidic oscillation principle.

The Superstatic 749 fluidic oscillation meter is the compact version of the Superstatic 440 that has been used for many years and is very popular. The Superstatic 749 is even more compact and seamlessly fits in the Superstatic product portfolio. It is designed for less complex uses of static heat and cooling meters where fewer functions are needed than with the Superstatic 440. It has a removable compact calculator with communication modules and can be easily integrated into district heating or a building management system.

The Superstatic 749 is available for flow rates of qp 0.6; qp 1.5; qp 2.5 m³/h and in lengths of 110 mm, 130 mm and 190 mm.



Supercom 656

Radio repeater for the complete collection of all consumption data

supercom 656

Repeater Supercom 656

The Supercom 656 repeater extends the transmission range of the Supercom 646 concentrator. It supports various configurations, so it is possible to cascade up to 6 repeaters in a chain or to build a multiple star configuration. Each repeater can relay up to 500 wireless devices.

Supercom 647

Concentrator for read out of consumption values of wM-Bus and OMS devices

supercom 647

Concentrator Supercom 647

The radio concentrator Supercom 647 collects consumption data from meters equipped with wM-Bus and OMS radio communication. Its storage capacity is up to 58’000 radio telegrams. The radio concentrator sends its data via GSM, GPRS, EDGE, UMTS/HSPA+ networks and is accessible locally by means of the USB interface.