Dear partner,

After several months, it was thought that the virus was disappearing and life was returning to normal but our hopes have unfortunately not been fulfilled. The virus is still among us and will immediately take advantage of any lessening of our efforts.

With strongly rising numbers of cases and hospitalizations, many countries have now considerably reduced social life again. Even if the situation is not comparable to the one this spring, we have to be prepared for a longer period with restrictions and reduced activities.

Sontex has done everything possible to be ready in such a case as well. Our employees wear masks at the company; our warehouses are full so as to temporarily bridge any interruptions to supply chains and home office workstations are set up and are used extensively. Our production is running in 2 shifts and sometimes even at night to meet the current extremely high demand.

Whatever happens over the coming weeks, we will do everything possible to serve you and be there for you.

We wish you and your loved ones good health and a degree of calm in these uncertain times!

Sontex SA

Olivier Carnal. CEO                                     Patrick Grichting, CMO