Dear partner, the worst phase of the pandemic in Europe is now thankfully behind us. We will all do our best to ensure there are no further waves of infection. Thanks to the huge commitment of our staff and the best efforts of our suppliers, we were able to continue production without interruption and to guarantee a more or less regular process across the logistics chain. Despite this, we were sadly unable to avoid additional delays over the last few weeks and wish to apologise for this. We are committed to ensuring that, from now on, you will experience the normal Sontex again.

To date, we have had no diagnosed corona virus cases within the company and are happy that the safety and health measures taken contributed to this. The measures continue to be implemented in the factory until further notice. At the beginning of June, all staff who were still working partly from home will return to the factory for the most part and will be able to work as a team on new products and services.

We would like to thank all our partners for their patience and their great support during these difficult and challenging times. We look forward to meeting you in person again soon. And soon we will hopefully be able to enjoy a good meal together again.

Stay healthy! See you soon!

Sontex SA

Olivier Carnal. CEO                                     Patrick Grichting, CMO